CFCH (AB) – Spring 2018 Introductory Workshop @ City University of Seattle in Canada, Calgary Campus
Mar 23 – Mar 25 all-day

Through the Provincial Societies of the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis, we offer a number of conferences with accredited workshops across Canada.  Our qualified instructors and leaders will take you deeper into the field of clinical hypnosis and help you to successfully integrate hypnosis into your current practice.

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Introductory Workshop
Basic Clinical Hypnosis Training

This 20-hour structured workshop consists of lectures, demonstrations and role-plays, videos of expert therapists, small group (4-6 people) practice, and written material. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience a trance state, use several induction and deepening routines with fellow participants, and will be exposed to several hypnotic strategies that can be utilized with various medical and psychological problems. Successful completion of this workshop satisfies one of the membership requirements for the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis. It is recommended that participants read chapters 1, 2 & 9 of Part 1 of Michael Yapko’s book, Trancework, prior to the workshop. This book can be found as an e-book through or at your local library. It is a good book to add to your own library.

Beverages, lunch and coffee break snacks will be provided on site.