Conferences & Workshops

Through the Provincial Societies of the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis, we offer a number of conferences with accredited workshops across Canada.  Our qualified instructors and leaders will take you deeper into the field of clinical hypnosis and help you to successfully integrate hypnosis into your current practice.  

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Advanced Workshops

Friday, May 25 & Saturday, May 26, 2018
Advanced Skills in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Stephen R. Lankton, MSW, DAHB, FASCH

Intermediate/Advanced Workshops

Saturday, May 26, 2018
Hypnotic Treatment for People Surviving with Dementia
Ajay Hartenfeld Pandhi, MSW, President CFCH AS

Our Workshops

Introductory Workshop is a 20- hour structured workshop consists of lectures, demonstrations and role-plays, videos of expert therapists, small group (4-6) practice, and written material. Successful completion of this workshop satisfies one of the membership requirements for the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis – Alberta Society. This workshop is approved by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis (CFCH).  

Intermediate & Advanced Workshops will expand your knowledge into the field of hypnosis and assist you with successful practice integration.  Past titles include (but are not limited to):

Hypnotherapy With Advanced Chronic Health Conditions & In Palliative Care by 
Dan Handel, M.D., 

So Now I Can Do Inductions… What Next?  How To Integrate Hypnosis Into Your Practice
Judy Coldoff, Ph.D.

The Re-Definition Of Self-Process: A Hypnosis-Based Protocol for Trauma Therapy
Marie Wilson, M.D.

Practical Strategies for Managing Dissociative Symptoms
Assen Alladin, Ph.D.

Utilizing Ideomotor Techniques in Hypnotherapy to Promote Rapid Healing
Dabney Ewin, M.D.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Disorders
Assen Alladin, Ph.D.

O.K. I've Got the Script, Now What Comes Next? Complexity and Creativity in Applying Your New Clinical Skill.
Jon Amundson, Ph.D.

Hypnosis & Pain Management: A Neuroscientific Approach
Alex Chisholm, B.Sc. PT.

Hypnosis In Legal, Medico-Legal & Forensic Contexts
Michael Heap, Ph.D.

Workshop Eligibility

Introductory Workshop:  Available to all Licensed/Registered Health Care Providers and students enrolled in programs leading to this professional designation. *

Intermediate Workshop:  Available to Licensed/Registered Health Care Providers who have completed Introductory training approved by CFCH-AS as consistent with the standards set by the American Society of Clinical hypnosis or of equivalent quality (assessed on an individual basis).  Participants are encouraged to take Intermediate level training before moving on to the Advanced Workshops.  Intermediate level workshops provide more participation in training due to smaller group sizes and comparable levels of experience by the participants. *

Advanced Workshop:  Available to Licensed/Registered Health Care Providers who have completed Introductory training as defined above.  Intermediate level training is not required prior to attending Advanced Workshops. *

* Note:

Non-psychotherapists:  Health Care Providers who do not practice psychotherapy will only be allowed to attend Intermediate or Advanced Workshops that contribute to the understanding and use of Hypnotic Language to induce trance states that would ease anxiety and discomfort for patients during health care.  They will not be allowed to attend more advanced training in the Psychotherapeutic Practice of Hypnosis.

Students:  Must provide written proof of current, full-time registration in a program of study that would result in licensing/registration in a regulated Health Care profession.  This qualification must be met in order to register for Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced Hypnosis workshops.  Attendance may be limited so students are encouraged to apply early.