Conferences & Workshops

The Alberta Clinical Hypnosis Society (ACHS) offers a number of conferences with accredited workshops across Canada.  Our qualified instructors and leaders will take you deeper into the field of clinical hypnosis and help you to successfully integrate hypnosis into your current practice.

Level 1 - Fundamentals of Clinical Hypnosis
Virtual Workshop
April 30, May 1, 2, 14, & 15, 2021

Fees: $900 (CAN)
Students: $500 (CAN)
Refresher (Current ACHS Members Only): $650 (CAN)

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The Alberta Clinical Hypnosis Society (ACHS), a component section of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, is pleased to offer professional training in clinical hypnosis.

Using the standards of The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis-Education and Research Foundation (ASCH-ERF), ACHS presents the following 21.5 hour workshop:

Level 1 - Fundamentals of Clinical Hypnosis
Virtual Workshop
April 30, May 1, 2, 14 & 15, 2021

Completion of this ACHS sponsored training will make you eligible for higher-level training offered by ASCH and other providers.

According to The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis-Education and Research Foundation (ASCH-ERF), clinical hypnosis has been a valuable treatment modality and adjunct for hundreds of years and has been used as an efficacious intervention in medical, dental, and behavioral health care.

Clinical hypnosis incorporates an understanding of current concepts of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neuroplasticity with effective patient relationship and communication skills. This effective and useful clinical strategy has been defined as a special state of mental functioning, the process to create that state, the experience of oneself in that special state, and all of the above.

Hypnotic trance has also been described as a state of focused attention, inner absorption, perceptual distortion, and openness to change. Clinical hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic intervention that draws upon the skill, adaptability, and creativity of clinicians.
The benefits of using clinical hypnosis in treatment situations include:

  • Rapid establishment of rapport and the hypnotic relation-ship developmental and readiness to change stages.
  • Facilitation of change, ego-strengthening, personal mastery, and reduction of impediments to change.
  • Cost-effective, collaborative, person-centered treatment.
  • Providing patients with life-long skills for better health.

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) - Approved Level 1 (Basic) Training In Clinical Hypnosis is the first of a series of training workshops that are a large part of the ASCH certification program in clinical hypnosis. ASCH approved workshops are taught by faculty with a wide range of health care experience in various disciplines who will demonstrate and teach workshop participants the concepts, principles, and processes of hypnosis. The workshop is comprised of a mix of didactic presentations, demonstrations, experiential exercises, and faculty led small group practice tailored to the specific needs, interests, and learning styles of workshop participants. At the successful completion of the workshop, participants will have been taught the knowledge and skills necessary to capably use clinical hypnosis and to begin to employ this strategy in their clinical practices. They will also be eligible for ASCH membership and included benefits as well as prepared to participate in Intermediate and Advanced level workshops.

ACHS’s Level 1 workshops will be presented by Lane Wagaman, EdD, and Maggie Dickens, LPC., with several additional small group facilitators.