Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis (CFCH) – Alberta Society

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The Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis (CFCH) - Alberta Society is made up of licensed health professionals in Alberta who are trained in the responsible, appropriate and ethical use of hypnosis. Association with the CFCH - Alberta Society is acquired by becoming a full member. The CFCH - Alberta Society is a professional society and all full members are required to be licensed health care providers.

The CFCH - Alberta Society:

  • Publishes an open-access peer-reviewed online journal—the Journal of Mind-Body Regulation—a publication that seeks to provide a forum for advancing the relationship between sound science and effective practice.
  • Provides valid information to the general public about the responsible use of hypnosis by qualified, licensed health professionals.
  • Advocates for a strong community of health professionals interested in using and promoting hypnosis and provide our members with a newsletter Hypnosis Canada dedicated to that goal.
  • Advertises the workshops of our Member Societies and other events of interest to our members on our website.
  • Provides a public referral service for our members that allows site visitors to locate a qualified health professional in their area.

So now I can do inductions... what next? How to Integrate Hypnosis into Your Practice

This is a step-by-step manual - 2 DVD Set by Dr. Judy Coldoff, Psychologist, Fellow: Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis (CFCH), Past President - CFCH, ASCH - Approved Consultant. This is a DVD of a workshop, recorded live in Montreal, 2013. All rights reserved.
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Online Journal: The Journal of Mind - Body Regulation

The Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis is pleased to announce its official online journal, “The Journal of Mind - Body Regulation”.

The Journal of Mind-Body Regulation (MBR) publishes interdisciplinary scientific articles spanning psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, behavioral biology, cognitive science, therapeutics, and philosophy.

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